One in four people can experience a mental health problem, from someone who is caring for a family member to someone out of a job.

Watch our videos for real-life* case studies of people experiencing a mental health problem. 

*Case studies are from service users although they are told by actors for the purpose of the videos.


Family Related Stress

A family man becomes unwell due to the stresses of caring for his wife and mother, both of whom have health problems. He talks about his recovery following a few sessions of low intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Work Related Stress

A teacher talks about how her mental health was affected by work stress, and how she recovers from depression and stress symptoms by attending the ‘Stepping Forward’ psycho-education classes.

Worry and Low Mood

A young man talks about how he suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. He recovers after completing an online computerised CBT programme called ‘Beating the Blues’.

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