We regurlarly receive feedback from our clients and below are the most recent.  They are quoted exactly as they were received with the exception of names.

The service has helped him and he feels better by the processes

It`s been brilliant. All the final scores have been based on some bad things that have happened this week, could have created a possible anomaly as this has caused more anxiety than usual. Overall though, I would recommend to anybody. Just fab (give My Therapist a pay rise). I can`t thank her enough.

Professional, friendly, informative and helpful. Thank You.

My Practitioner was always very caring and helped me make my journey of recovery at my own pace.

Very good help, tips and advice to reduce.

I have found the CBT exercises helpful, especially the mindfulness skills.

Very happy with these sessions I have had. I feel they have really helped the way I manage things to improving healthier thoughts.

My experiences from having these sessions really helped Julie helped me to learn a lot about myself to Deal with things , thanks you so much.

It`s very helpful, it made me think about myself. The advice I was given helped me to know myself better. My Therapist was very professional; she gave me all the strategies to handle my emotion and anxieties. My life has turned around, I`m now on top.

In the time I used the service I found the staff at all levels supportive and they were helpful and supportive.

Through the session I have learnt to manage my condition and feel ready to move on to the next stage thanks to My Therapist

Was nice to have someone to talk to thank you

Very positive experience with Healthy Minds and learnt valuable techniques.

I didn`t feel that I was being judged during my therapy sessions. It was helpful to learn some new skills and techniques.

Thought the service was really good - My Therapist has helped me to learn the techniques

Clients Partner stated her partner felt at ease with the Therapist and was able to build his so confidence.

It`s been brilliant and has really helped me to assess and then cope with my worrying and anxiety

The techniques I used were great and will definitely help me long term- thanks

Throughout I`ve felt supported and thankfully encouraged. Talking it through I`ve had a lot of light bulb moments, I`ve learnt more about myself than I thought I would. My Therapist made me feel valued; she never made me feel silly for how I felt.

Learnt very good techniques and thinking positive about future. Thanks

Thank you

Compassionate and understanding therapist keep up the good work as you have been helpful to me, thank you

Helped me understand more about my illness and how to manage it better.

Thanks for your time and professionalism

Very pleased with the service provided it helped and supported me tremendously

I feel the service has helped me to overcome my feeling and anxiety

Very helpful. Reassuring, understanding and giving plenty of good advice. Very nice and easy to talk to.

Very pleased with the service and how it has helped her to understand where she was, to where she is now and where she needs to be in the future. She felt listened to, supported and stated the therapist was very helpful to her.

I was very hesitant to come to session initially however I am very glad I did as it has made me aware of my triggers and situations. My Therapist is a very kind, patient and caring person and I would recommend the service to other people and wished that the service could provide more sessions.

I have found the therapy to be helpful

My Therapist has been so much help, thank you

I can`t speak highly enough of this service, it was the help that I needed at the time that I needed it. My Therapist has helped me so much.

I really appreciate and value the clinician's help as I have been able to address and discuss issues openly and honestly as possible without judgements and without fear of her recoiling in horror ,I felt my treatments was more focused and structured and has helped me heal more than what I thought I could

I have felt very comfortable with my therapist since our first session and you have allowed me to express my feelings and without judgement but with guidance. I consider that you are a very good therapist. I would recommend this service to other people in my position as I feel that it has really helped me turn a corner. I feel that you have given me a chance to change my story by being more accepting of myself and understanding my triggers more.

I found the clinician very professional and genuine with his care. I have found the sessions/skills extremely helpful

How useful was the class - 10/10
What did you like about the classes - Group meeting
What didn`t you like/change? - Nothing good

Thank you so much for all the support over the past 12 weeks. You`re so positive and always picked me up when I came I negative. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. The very best for the future, stay safe and keep smiling.

Very friendly practitioner
Really helped
No judgement

Long wait for appointment and helped in some aspects of my mental health.
Next steps will hopefully help with other and referral from therapist is good.

Much more understanding of my problems.
More confidence that I can lead a good life
Made me feel better about myself.

When first starting the sessions I was extremely anxious and panicked about even the smallest of journeys, but have slowly developed the confidence which enables me to drive daily on routine journeys. I still have a long way to reach my goal but using the techniques given I`m sure I can eventually achieve this, thank you

Very open caring and I felt listened to and step by step support by having small realistic task to do. Things have progressed at a good steady pace and I will have set back and the reassurance and positivity of the process I feel like I have come a long way and have found the experience really helpful and useful a

I am really happy with the service and its helped me realise that I can get better

This service has really helped bring my confidence back and I am really grateful for my therapist`s help of getting me out of my dark days.

The service and therapist has been very helpful and understood my situation and have helped massively.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

Learnt so many good techniques from the clinician, Apple technique and calm place technique are excellent. Thanks.

very happy with the service and very happy with the treatment I have received

The clinician was amazing. Well rounded, assertive and great knowledge of her profession. Will be using the Maslow hierarchy of needs. Thanks.

It would be helpful to have more simplified way to book or change appointments directly with the therapist.

I find it really helpful

I found that this approach has worked better for me this time in comparison to the last time. It has been helpful to focus on here and now problems and issues.

it has been a very helpful service

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