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News and Events

Upcoming events this month

Please pop along to our events below and spread the word :)


Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th October

We will be at the Phoenix Walk- in Health Centre from 8.30am until approx 10am offering free Emotional Well-being Checks


Tuesday 31st October

Meet our team at the Phoenix Walk-in Health Centre from 8.30am until around 10am for a free Emotional Wellbeing Check

We enjoy meeting you all at these events so thank you for taking the time to come along and chat with the team.

Pop along to one of our FLASH Clinics

Our Practitioners attend various events across the city, come along if you would like a free emotional wellbeing check and we'd love to hear your wellbeing tips :)  Keep a lookout on our website for updates of where we are


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Fancy an Emotional Wellbeing Check?

What is an Emotional Wellbeing Check?

An emotional wellbeing check comprises of a few brief questionnaires about low mood, anxiety and the impact these may be having on your day-to-day life.

You can either complete your check independently or one of our colleagues will be more than happy to explain the questionnaires and complete them with you. If you don’t have time you can take away a check and post it back to us.


What happens after I’ve done a check?

One of our colleagues will provide you with feedback from your questionnaires, discuss these with you and provide you with a results sheet that you can keep for your information and reference.

You will then be informed of the most relevant self-help materials for any difficulties that you have identified.

You will also be provided with details of our website and online referral system, should you require any support at a later point.

Alternatively, if you feel that you could benefit from support following your emotional wellbeing check, we will inform you of the next steps available. This often involves a further telephone assessment, following which you will be advised of the support available to you from Wolverhampton Healthy Minds or any other local services that we identify could support you.